THE ORGANISATION was founded in 2011 as part of the Italian PCM s.r.l.  The company, located in Castellalto in the Abruzzi, has been one of the leading automotive suppliers since 1997 in the production of pressings and stampings in the exhaust emission sector. In 2013 the state of the art press plant in Klipphausen near Dresden (Germany) was completed and started production.

Since then the production site has been enlarged twice. The covered production area has been extended from 2500 m2 to almost 8000 m2

Since 2016 is part of the P&C Automotive organisation, a European corporate group with more than 600 employees and 7 production sites, f.e. in Italy, Portugal, Romania and Bulgaria. in Klipphausen currently employs a staff of 110 people. Our clients are notable clients of the Automotive sector.